B&B Ons Bakhuus
Dolderstraat 64
6706 JG Wageningen
The Netherlands
+31 (317) 411994

Welcome to Bed & Breakfast “Ons Bakhuus”

Dolderstraat 64

Whether you fancy a short break, a few days on de Veluwe or an opportunity to get to know Wageningen, please come and enjoy a stay at “Ons Bakhuus”.


“Ons Bakhuus” is a nice Bed & Breakfast situated on the eastside of Wageningen, just outside the town centre, in a neighbourhood called “de Bovenbuurt”. From “Ons Bakhuus” it is a short and lovely walk not only to the woods, along the green fields of de Wageningse Eng, but also to the town centre and to the campus of WUR (Wageningen University).


In addition there are lots of opportunities to go shopping, walking, biking or to have a night out in town; there are so many ways to get to know Wageningen. Enjoy the countryside, the Veluwe’s cultural heritage or immerse yourself in Wageningen’s bustling nightlife.


Kind regards,


Janny and Machiel Wijkstra